Graphic Designer
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Hulu Brand Design Internship

I spent ten weeks on Hulu’s Brand team working on creative development for marketing campaigns, social media strategy, and upcoming Hulu Original shows.

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Brand Expression Book

During Hulu’s 2018 brand evolution, the design team focused on creating a brand book for internal use among Hulugans. These were my concepts as an intern that were presented to the design managers of the brand team.


Work on an identity for Hulu’s personality, known as the Rebel Lover, incorporating current brand elements with new new explorations that evolved the current gradients used on the product. Only Rules:

Play with green. Use HuluStyle for typography. Incorporate show content. That’s it.


My designs used bold typography, texture, and layering to express the Rebel side of Hulu, while the colors and soft transitions through the gradients expressed the Lover. This project was still developing as my internship ended, so I wasn’t able to be involved in the launch, but contributed to how this could also be expressed through digital formats, such as web and social media.


CONCEPT FOR hulu brand instagram FEED

A mockup for an internal Instagram account for Hulugans only.


CONCEPT FOR huluween instagram FEED

Hulu’s Halloween Campaign for 2018



hulu university microsite

New Hulu University page used for recruiting students to the Hulu internship program.



TITLE TREATMENT FOR Light as a Feather

One of my projects was to design the title treatment for the Hulu Original Light as a Feather, which premiered October 12, 2018. The creative direction for the show’s visuals had an emphasis on its eerie and cold-toned nature. The title treatment uses the serif Tara in contrasting weights with a customization of the ‘A.’

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branding hulugans of color

My passion for DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) was embraced at Hulu as I was able to brand a couple of internal organizations.